Employment Advice Service

Aston Bond Solicitors is an extensive and dynamic employment law firm with clients ranging from start-ups to household names. We are fully aware of our client’s needs and a key service that has naturally transpired through demand is the Employment Advice Service; a service whereby business owners and HR managers can have unlimited telephone access to our specialist employment solicitors. 

Our advice is aimed at being pragmatic, efficient and cost effective. 


Employment Advice Service is Aston Bond’s dedicated HR and Employment Law service. For a fixed-fee of £495 plus VAT per annum, your business will have unlimited telephone access to our specialist HR and Employment Law solicitors. They will assist with all your enquiries and emergencies helping you to deal with the matter at hand and to consider whether any further support is necessary. Our service provides your business with full support, certainty of cost and enables you to focus on running your business. 

We pride ourselves on repeat business and appreciate that employers relying on employment solicitors for recurring staff issues can be a costly exercise. As a result, certain staff issues may remain unaddressed or be dealt with contrary to employment law – causing a larger, more expensive, problem in the long-run. Our Employment Advice Service is designed to facilitate employers to proactively deal with employment issues; correctly, and early-on, so as to prevent recourse for the Employment Tribunal. Our employment solicitors can give you the peace of mind that your employment issue will not come back to haunt you and there will be no unexpected legal bills! 

Our employment solicitors also provide additional specialist services such as: Grievance and Disciplinary Investigations; and defending Employment Tribunal claims. Where an additional service is required, we can offer very competitive rates. Our core services include: 


This provides a detailed evaluation of your business’s current policies. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business’s current policies and in doing so advise you of what is missing and needs to be improved in accordance with current Employment Law and best practice. 


Should your business be in the unfortunate situation where it needs to make employees redundant, we will assist you with these difficult situations to ensure that your business has correctly identified which roles are no longer needed and that your business carries out the necessary consultations with the employees concerned and that the selection criteria is fair.  

Where your business needs to dismiss an employee, possibly for gross misconduct or for long-term sickness absence, we will assist your business to guarantee that the termination of employment for the employee concerned complies with current Employment Law and procedures to ensure that the employee concerned is not able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal. 


We provide expert support throughout the Employment Tribunal process and will act on your business’s behalf to defend against any claims made against you. 

If you have brought a claim to the point where attendance at the final hearing is necessary, we can fully represent your business at Tribunal. 


There may be situations where you need to part with an employee but that employee has started or has threatened to start Employment Tribunal proceedings against your business. In such situations, a Compromise Agreement is likely to be the best solution. For further information on Compromise Agreements, see our specialist blog site: www.compromise-agreement-solicitors.co.uk   

As one of the top employment law firms in the Thames Valley, our employment solicitors act for clients all over Slough, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Reading, Oxford and London – although our telephone advice service is open to clients in all areas of the UK.  

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